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The backpack mod adds sixteen backpacks to minecraft all distinct colors, the backpacks are used as transportable inventory chests. Cary inventory inside the backpacks without needing to head to chests.

→ ちょっと私のかばんを見張っていただけますか? → 잠깐만 제 가방을 봐 주시겠어요? → Kunt u even op mijn tas letten? → Kunne du passe på vesken min et øyeblikk? → Czy mógłby Panprzez chwilę popilnować mój bagaż? → O senhor poderia vigiar minha bagagem por um minuto, por favor? → Не могли бы Вы минутку посмотреть за моей сумкой? → Skulle ni kunna vakta min väska ett ögonblick? → คุณช่วยดูกระเป๋าให้ฉันสักครู่หนึ่งได้ไหม? → Bir dakikalığına çantama göz kulak olur musunuz lütfen? → Bạn làm ơn trông giúp tôi cái túi một chút được không? → 请帮我照应着我的包

It is possible to search by model, fashion, coloration, materials, ailment or value to find an ideal purse for you. And of course you can keep on top of the newest trends by checking out new arrivals.

→ حَقِيبَة taška taske Tasche τσάντα bolsa laukku sac torba borsa かばん 가방 zak pose torba bolsa, saco сумка väska กระเป๋า ถุง torba túi 袋子

Luggage have been around for countless yrs and happen to be utilized by each Gentlemen and ladies. Luggage have been commonplace way back to ancient Egypt. A lot of hieroglyphs depict males with bags tied close to their midsection. The Bible mentions pouches, anchor Specifically regarding Judas Iscariot carrying just one around, holding his individual objects.

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Bags vary from compact kinds, like purses, to big kinds for use in traveling similar to a suitcase. The pockets of apparel can also be a style of bag, developed into the outfits for that carrying of suitably modest objects.

bag - an activity that you like or at which you might be excellent; "chemistry is not really my cup of tea"; "his bag now is Studying to play golf"; "relationship was scarcely his dish"

container - any item that may be accustomed to hold matters (Primarily a large metallic boxlike object of standardized dimensions that can be loaded from a person sort of transport to another)

eBay’s considerable selection of new and pre-owned handbags involves selections for each and every design and style and circumstance. And with charges to suit any budget, you won't need to crack the bank to buy just like a fashionista.

A backpack Geared up in your individual slot might be opened by pressing the ‘B’ important. It is possible to alter the crucial with your controls.

reticule - a woman's drawstring handbag; normally made of net or beading or brocade; Employed in 18th and 19th generations

baseball diamond, infield, diamond - the region of the baseball subject that is certainly enclosed by 3 bases and home plate

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